About Us


What Drives Us!


As The Royal Treats, we pride ourselves in having nothing but the best CBD in every way that you can possibly to consume it. And those are the products that you’ll find on “The Royal List”.

Our Royal List of products is chosen by my wife and I. We have select these items by constantly researching CBD and keeping up on all of the newest discoveries and innovative ideas that this industry keeps growing with. 

BUT, going forward, we want to put The Royal List into the people’s hands! So, the 2021 list will be created by the people, for the people! 

Then I thought, lets do this every year. It'll be great for everyone because it will drive companies to want to be on the list, which will encourage them to produce better products. And the only way to accomplish that is through Research and Development.


That's where the CBDisSoReal Project comes into play. We've got great ideas and events that we will be announcing soon. But we will start taking donations that will go towards Research and Re-Education for all things Cannabis related. There will be a donation tab coming soon.